Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is one of that rock bands doesn't need presentation, don't you agree?

Along the times they mesmerize generations with their musical characteristics and lyrics. People with 50s and 60 years old like Pink Floyd because are a band of their generation, but their son or grandsons can like too. Pink will not be forget along the times. Songs like “I wish you were here”, “Learning to fly” or “Another Brick on the Wall” can shows feelings that are present on our days. The music can change, but people no, aren’t?

Well I don’t want to disturb you with this needless talk, so I will make a short presentation of Pink Floyd:

They are a English rock band famous, on early years, for their psychedelic rock, and on later years for their progressive rock music. Above I brought up characteristics and lyrics of Pink Floyd. But I hadn’t told you nothing about that. So pay attention:
Pink Floyd are well known for philosophical lyrics, innovative album cover art, sonic experimentation, and elaborate live shows. Along the times they have sold over 200 million albums worldwide (74.5 million in the USA). Pink Floyd were a band that was a influence for many contemporary bands like Nine Inch Nails(favorite of mine) and Dream Theater.

Band Members:
• Syd Barrett – lead guitar, lead vocals (1964–1968)
• Nick Mason – drums, percussion (1964–1996)
• Richard Wright – keyboards, vocals (1964–1981; 1987–1996)
• Roger Waters – bass guitar, vocals (1964–1985)
• David Gilmour – lead guitar, vocals (1968–1996)

On my opinion the best era was undoubtedly Roger Waters’s era. With him they were extraordinarily successful. The Dark Side of the Moon (1973), Wish You Were Here (1975), Animals (1977) e The Wall (1979) were albums with worldwide success, that were analysed for specialized critics, whose were very well qualified. Pink Floyd albums spotlight on a variety of Tops.

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