Saturday, November 26, 2011

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oxis, The Right Choise.

Shall we preserve our health?
Of Course! All we know health is a precious treasure for us.

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More product of Oxis such as : Anti aging, antioxidant, glutathione, penny stocks & free radical. All of them include therapeutic nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products, proprietary formulations and clinical products that are developed internally and/or out-licensed to biotech and pharmaceutical companies as drug candidates.

Oxis Inc are trusted company.

Advancing Oxidative Stress Technology Oxis International, Inc. (OTCBB: OXIS) is the premier provider for the potent antioxidant, Ergothioneine and through their patented synthetic manufacturing process remains the only significant commercial source of pure l-ergothioneine worldwide.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010



I choose this band, because is one of my favorite Rock / Metal bands ever. They seem great, their look and their music. They are not a famous band, but had been progressing a lot in so few years. And I have to refer that I saw the last concert they give in my country and I like a lot. They made the entrance for Marilyn Manson (my favorite band). Well, I will let in peace and give the most quality information possible.

A British band of heavy rock that was created in 2003, which first was "The Fool" thrown in 2008, acquiring excellent critics of several stations of radio and magazines. His/her successor, "The Riddle", was thrown last September 13, 2009, which results in two video clips: "Silence" and "Tomorrow I won't Remember."
Besides these two videos, they had filmed other three videos (from first album): "Life i Lonely", "Salvation" and "Don't Rely on Anyone."
I will leave here the most successful song of this wonderful band:
Don't Rely on Anyone, removed of the album "The Fool".
Don’t be afraid, comment if you please ;)



Hi everybody! Today I decided to write about the German industrial metal band “Rammstein”.
Actually they are the most famous band of all Germany because it spreads quality for everywhere!! I recommend you to go a concert and “smell” the spirit there. It is really awesome. I have their “Best Of” and I can feel all of good and bad that they want can give us.
So pay attention to this post because they deserve. Rammstein you are simple the BEST!

Band Members:
- Till Lindemann - lead vocals
- Richard Z. Kruspe - lead guitar, backing vocals
- Paul H. Landers - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
- Oliver "Ollie" Riedel - bass guitar
- Christoph "Doom" Schneider - drums, percussion
- Christian "Flake" Lorenz - keyboards, samples

They were formed in 1994. Although, they just became world famous in 1996, when music director Trent Reznor chose two Rammstein songs, "Heirate mich" and "Rammstein", for David Lynch's film Lost Highway. This film’s soundtrack was released in the US in the fall of 1996 and later in Europe, in April 1997.
They create the well famous song, “Amerika”, which was shot to success; it went straight to top 10 charts throughout Europe! Other songs as “Rammstein”, “Du Hast”, “Engel”, “Stripped” and “Bang Bang”, became successful too.
Now, I’ll post here a videoclip of Amerika!! Enjoy and comment.
Thanks for your visit

The Beatles

Today I decided to talk about a band that everybody knows. First reason, I need more visits and I guess that Beatles could be a good choice. Second I appreciate a lot quality in rock bands whatever their ages (they can be 50s, 60s,70s, 80s, 90s, etc). I see a lot of that in this band, which is the main reason for being well-known as they are. Songs like Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, Love Me Do, Michelle, Black Bird, Yesterday and Let It Be will always be remembered.

Now I’m going to introduce the “The Beatles” members:
John Lennon - rhythm guitar, vocals
Paul McCartney - bass guitar, vocals
George Harrison - lead guitar, vocals
Ringo Starr - drums, vocals

The Beatles were an English rock and pop group formed in Liverpool in 1960 who became one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed bands in the history of popular music. They change all world with their clothes, style and statements turned them trend-setters, influencing a lot social and cultural revolutions of the 1960s.
The single "Love Me Do" achieved UK chart success in late 1962. They attracted fervent interest, termed "Beatlemania". They made tours of all Europe until 1963, with "I Want to Hold Your Hand" US chart success. Their popularity had being growing more and more! Of course as all rock bands in the world they had some problems, for example, in 1966 the group found themselves mired in controversy, including widespread antipathy in the US after a magazine published a quote from Lennon's remarks on Christianity and in 1967, Epstein died from an overdose of a prescription drug. Increasingly dominated by conflict, which causes were a disagreement about the appointment of a new financial adviser, the group disintegrated in 1970. All four members embarked upon successful solo careers. Nearly four decades after the breakup, Beatles music continues to be popular, and recently (September 2009) saw the release of a newly remastered discography as well as the video game The Beatles: Rock Band.
The Beatles are the artists with more sold albums in United States and are considered by Rolling Stone magazine as number one in its list of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.The Beatles' innovative music and cultural impact helped define the 1960s, and their influence on pop culture is still evident today. The Beatles were collectively included in Time magazine's list of The Most Important People of the 20th Century

Motley Crue

I choose Mötley Crüe to talk, because is one of the most quality hard rock bands and I, as a hard rock fan, was obliged to post something about them. I love to put one CD where is there a very famous song of Mötley Crüe, “Kickstart My Heart”, I put on the maximum volume and it’s done a party on my own house. I jump, shout with their songs. My neighbor doesn’t like so much idea like I do, but what can they do? Come on, it is Mötley Crüe! Lets rock!

Now I will introduce Mötley Crüe:

Band Members:
- Nikki Sixx
- Mick Mars
- Vince Neil
- Tommy Lee

They are a hard rock band formed in 1981 founded by Nikki Sixx (bass guitarist) and the drummer Tommy Lee (He was married to actresses Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson, with whom he has two children.).
This band is well famous for living lifestyles of their members that aren’t regular for us. It is amazing the fact that all the members have had numerous brushes with the law, spent time in jail, many problems with alcohol and drugs, had countless escapades with women, and are heavily tattooed.

Did you remember when I spoke of “Kickstart My Heart”?
On December 21, 1987, Sixx suffered a heroin overdose. He was declared legally dead on the way to the hospital, but the medic, who was a Crüe fan, revived Sixx by giving him two shots of adrenaline to the heart, bringing him back to life. His two minutes in death were the inspiration for the song "Kickstart My Heart", that was a hit and which was featured on their album Dr. Feelgood. From 1986 to 1987, Sixx kept a daily diary of his heroin addiction and eventually entered rehab in January, 1988.

Dr.Feelgood sucess.
After drugs problems, in 1989, Mötley Crüe reached its peak popularity with the release of their fifth album, Dr. Feelgood, on September 1. On October 14 of that year, it became a No. 1 album and stayed on the charts for “only” 109 weeks after its release. The band members told to media this album relate the process of their collective push for sobriety. The song Dr. Feelgood and Kickstart My Heart were both nominated for Grammys in the Best Hard Rock Category. They did find some success at the American Music Awards, as Dr. Feelgood was nominated twice for Favorite Hard Rock/Metal Award. They were also nominated twice for Favorite Hard Rock/Metal Artist.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is one of that rock bands doesn't need presentation, don't you agree?

Along the times they mesmerize generations with their musical characteristics and lyrics. People with 50s and 60 years old like Pink Floyd because are a band of their generation, but their son or grandsons can like too. Pink will not be forget along the times. Songs like “I wish you were here”, “Learning to fly” or “Another Brick on the Wall” can shows feelings that are present on our days. The music can change, but people no, aren’t?

Well I don’t want to disturb you with this needless talk, so I will make a short presentation of Pink Floyd:

They are a English rock band famous, on early years, for their psychedelic rock, and on later years for their progressive rock music. Above I brought up characteristics and lyrics of Pink Floyd. But I hadn’t told you nothing about that. So pay attention:
Pink Floyd are well known for philosophical lyrics, innovative album cover art, sonic experimentation, and elaborate live shows. Along the times they have sold over 200 million albums worldwide (74.5 million in the USA). Pink Floyd were a band that was a influence for many contemporary bands like Nine Inch Nails(favorite of mine) and Dream Theater.

Band Members:
• Syd Barrett – lead guitar, lead vocals (1964–1968)
• Nick Mason – drums, percussion (1964–1996)
• Richard Wright – keyboards, vocals (1964–1981; 1987–1996)
• Roger Waters – bass guitar, vocals (1964–1985)
• David Gilmour – lead guitar, vocals (1968–1996)

On my opinion the best era was undoubtedly Roger Waters’s era. With him they were extraordinarily successful. The Dark Side of the Moon (1973), Wish You Were Here (1975), Animals (1977) e The Wall (1979) were albums with worldwide success, that were analysed for specialized critics, whose were very well qualified. Pink Floyd albums spotlight on a variety of Tops.