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I choose this band, because is one of my favorite Rock / Metal bands ever. They seem great, their look and their music. They are not a famous band, but had been progressing a lot in so few years. And I have to refer that I saw the last concert they give in my country and I like a lot. They made the entrance for Marilyn Manson (my favorite band). Well, I will let in peace and give the most quality information possible.

A British band of heavy rock that was created in 2003, which first was "The Fool" thrown in 2008, acquiring excellent critics of several stations of radio and magazines. His/her successor, "The Riddle", was thrown last September 13, 2009, which results in two video clips: "Silence" and "Tomorrow I won't Remember."
Besides these two videos, they had filmed other three videos (from first album): "Life i Lonely", "Salvation" and "Don't Rely on Anyone."
I will leave here the most successful song of this wonderful band:
Don't Rely on Anyone, removed of the album "The Fool".
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